Condition: Probably about half a season of cumulative wear with the associated scratches. Completely water tight and structurally sound with the original gloss top deck finish and a 800 grit silky smooth lower hull wet rubout.



The V10 (along with the original V12) was the hull that brought Epic on to the world Surf Ski stage. Back then the V12 was the Elite Boat and the V10 was the Elite “heavy conditions” or the intermediate hull. As companies have started to really trim down hull forms on the top end and massively widen them out on opposite “introductory” end The V10 has maintained its pertinence very well.

With the introduction of the stable and fast 22' wide V8 Epic made a HUGE statement and also brought thousands of people into the sport.

Many stay in the V8 or V8 Pro but for those that want to get the taste for what long, lean Elite boats offer (and demand) the V10 will show them.

This is the “performance” layup, so it is durable and also pretty heavy. Which means there is allot less “twitch” feel to it when the paddler first gets in the boat, lending a good feeling of ease that helps them stay loose. I have put beginning paddlers in a Performance layup V10 after a couple of hours in V7's or V8's with really good results (on flat water) and I have watched a brand new paddler (an exceptional athlete) power all the way across a 17 mile Chesapeake Bay crossing in fairly bumpy conditions in this very boat.

Its tough, relatively stable, its a proven hull shape that still has thoroughbred potential in good conditions with a competent driver. It is also going to bridge the gap in development of a deliberate paddler into featherweight needles.