Condition: These are first generation V7s built in South Africa. They were "blemishes" due largely to difficulty getting the intensity of the orange tips on the boats correct. They are completely structurally sound and seaworthy.



I have done few things conservatively in my life but one that I did was when I became interested in paddling Surf Ski and purchased an Epic V8.  The boat that disrupted the whole established surf ski industry. The V8 is stable fun and amazingly fast. Wide stable skis allow the paddler to learn the wing paddle stroke without constantly swimming and getting an athlete out in conditions that they could not even have dreamed of in the 17” x 21” industry standard boat. These are the durable rotomolded versions of the original “development ski” great for learning what the ski has to offer without fear of damaging a fragile composite hull, and fast enough to satisfy the weekend waterman/woman for a lifetime.